January 3rd, 2014

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So far, 2014 is turning out to be BUSY

NYD, after school, the kids and SG cleaned the doe barn. It needed it - it was 6" of WET bedding. :sigh: Partly my fault - the septic sprayer is directly in line with the back door; I had originally set up a plastic pallet to block the spray, but some of the doelings managed to knock it out of position. I didn't notice it for...well, a while. :sigh: But! The barn is now dry and fresh-smelling, and the does seem to appreciate it.

We're breeding LATE this year - Risky was bred to Malcolm while the barn was being cleaned. Yeah for babies! And double-yay for warm birthing weather! Now, if the other does will only come into heat.....:sigh: (Annnnnnnnd - just as I was writing this, Herself told me to look out the window; Padme was teasing Malcolm. So....she's in with him as we speak. :lol:)

I managed to *finally* finish Herself's Lobster mitts - the pattern is fine; the charts are clear - her choice of color was putting my eyes out (slate blue and blood red). Here's the link directly to the mitts (I hope.....I've gone in and made all my projects public, so you shouldn't need to sign up for Ravelry to see it - or my others)

Also impeding my progress on these was the oven mitt I knit, and the other one I started. :lol: Hey, Paton's Classic Wool was on sale for $3.99 - and it felts beautifully! Who was I to argue with a sale? (And we need a few more oven mitts. It's a quick knit and a quick trip thru the wash.)

Next up is a Balmoral bonnet for Himself...and another pair of fingerless thistles for *me*. Then gloves for both SG and Himself. Then another pair of....socks, I think, for me. :lol: As well as more oven mitts.

SG surprised me by helping me upgrade my tablet.......um. WoW. The retina screen is...it's something else! Gazelle.com made me a decent offer on my iPad 2, so as soon as the box comes in, off it goes. They've received and cut my check for the kids' tablets - not a whole lot, but it helps.

We changed up our Latin - Linney's Latin class, while free, just wasn't working. He....drones on. And ON. When I found myself checking out during the lesson, I knew it was time to look for something else. TGC now has Latin 101 - it's on it's way to us, and we're planning on starting it Tuesday (I got free streaming, so even if the DVDs don't come in, we can still get started.) It HAS to be better than what we were doing!

I think that brings me up to date.....hope y'all have a great Shabbat!

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