January 6th, 2014

me: portrait

Baby it's COLD outside!

15* when we milked; it's since dropped to 13*. Not counting windchill.....it's C-C-C-C-C-C-OLD!

Finished oven mitt #3 and started Himself's Balmoral. I don't make resolutions, but this year I'm trying to keep the knitting going. The plan is knit something for me, then something for someone else - that way, I get warm goodies, but I'm not being selfish. And the present pile will grow...win/win/win! :lol:

One of Himself's Hanukkah prezzies seems to be a huge hit - I got him a copy of "The Gamemaker's Apprentice". He's been *reading* it - for FUN! - and wants to get started! :happy dance: Today I'll download the software for him and turn him loose on it.

Going to start Latin 101 this week....we'll see how it goes.

Gotta skitter - I need to check the washer (mitt #3 is felting as I type) and get the school stuff together. Have a great one!

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