January 8th, 2014

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In the running for most destructive dog....

Let's see....so far, Ms. Chloe has destroyed:

1. 2 5 lb bags of flour (King Arthur brand)

2. 1 brand new, still labeled skein of yarn (Paton's Classic Wool)

3. 1 handspun/handdyed/handknit oven mitt

4. hang loop on handspun/handknit oven mitt (purchased from Heritage Fair)

5. cuff on handknit oven mitt (from Paton's Classic Wool)

6. 1 knitting project bag (my red one. With the sheep button. Which is MIA)

7. 3 Dyakcraft size 2 DPNs (1 is pretty much unusable..the other 2 from the set are in splinters)

8. 5 coasters (or so. hand sewn)

9. 2 placemats (hand quilted and sewn)

10. Firewood. (I know....WTH is UP with this dog????)

11. Numerous other things I really don't want to try and remember. :sigh:

Today was the DPN day. We had gone to the dentist and ortho (same office, thankfully!)....I decided it was too cold out for the poor puppies. Yeah - NEVER again. We were gone 2 hours.....the house looked like a war zone. Both Tigger and Chloe have white mustaches - there's NO DOUBT who the guilty parties are this time. :sigh:

The flour was on the kitchen island. The knitting bag was in the MIDDLE of the kitchen table. She had to *work* to get to it (which is why I put it there.) The oven mitt missing the cuff was on the counter, on a vase (it was drying from getting fulled. It hadn't even been NEAR food.) The new ball of yarn was also in the middle of the table, in a bag with other balls. I just.....I can't even figure out WHY.

I am sick over the DPNs. I can't replace them easily - not only are they handmade (and priced accordingly - and WORTH it!), but there is a significant delay in manufacturing (I think they're almost caught up with 2012 orders now. :sigh:) I used them all the time - they don't make my wrists hurt, they feel good in my hands.....:bangs head:


Himself got 3 fillings and the baby tooth root removed today, as well as getting his braces tightened. Poor kid - he seems to be in no/very little pain though, so that's good. I got him a large DQ Blizzard - yeah, it's cold outside, but poor thing can't eat anything solid today. And apparently it's never too cold for ice cream......

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