January 17th, 2014

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Fun times.....

Lots of stuff going on in the background, here.....changes are a'coming, but not now. Fun stuff......at least we have time to plan and get things squared away!

Anyway. I LOVE homeschooling my kids! Here lately, they've been into WWII (thanks to Horrible Histories' "RAF Fighter Pilots" song)....someone on the WTM forums posted a link to some BBC documentaries......one of which was "War Farm". Which is how life was on a 1940's Hampshire (I think) farm.....2 archeologists and 1 historian are re-living it - and it's AWESOME. Yes, it's made-for-TV stuff, but...it's more real than other documentaries I've seen. They go into the history behind each decision....and the kids are really into it. VERY cool, very educational, and very engaging. I hope I can find something similar for the US Civil War (which we are studying now. I'm not into Ken Burns's stuff so much...it's more...entertainment than information, IMHO. Too scripted, if that makes sense.)

At the halfway point of mitt #2. Love the yarn, and the pattern is enjoyable to knit.

Yesterday, the kids helped me tidy up the Studio...it looks so much nicer now! We hauled off a LOT of stuff, and the Women's Shelter said they'd LOVE some fabric - so I'll be weeding out the fabric stash soon. I don't *need* most of it, but I do need the space (I want to put the weaving yarns where the fabric is, and use the space the yarn was in to store...well, more yarn. :lol: The knitting yarn, to be precise. And the overflow fiber. Which needs to be spun up, soon. :sigh:)

Back to school - Shabbat Shalom!

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