January 19th, 2014

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Weekend Re-cap

Spent today sorting out my knitting projects. Yesterday, SG took me to Barnes & Noble...a very dangerous proposition. Especially when it is Teacher Appreciation Days....and Homeschoolers are counted as Teachers....and this meant that the Educator's Card could be used for, well, the entire store. :sigh: And :whoo-hoo!:

There's a book I've been eyeing online - "Op-Art Socks". I was hesitant to order it - I like to see what's inside it before making a decision.....and B&N had *1* copy. At 25% off. So, I looked.....

I have 3 pairs of socks queued up for me, and Herself has asked for 1. 19 patterns, and 4 are definite knits....not too bad! SG is going to look at it, too, to see if he likes any of them....:lol: The cover socks are pair #1 - I ordered the yarn last night, and can't wait to cast on! :bounce:

I also got my on-the-go project sorted. The socks I started at RH? Got frogged - they just weren't working for me. (And I was at the heel flap! :cries:) I started a new set this AM - it's working much better, and I am happier with how it's looking than I was the waterfall ones.

We got the feed room cleaned out, and most of the hay barn. Not too bad!

Herself made me an eyeglasses "leash" - LOVE it! Now maybe my glasses won't get lost...

AND! Himself downloaded a free program: Muse Score. He has composed - completely BY HIMSELF - 2 compositions that he might use in a game he's programming in GameMaker. Both are good - especially for someone who's had very little Music Theory! - but the 2nd one is really, really good. He's working with 5 staffs at once......I am in awe, here. Yes, it's a little rough....but WOW. I don't mind him spending time on the computer for stuff like this......:lol:

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