January 20th, 2014

me: portrait

I am a weak knitter.....

I know I said I wanted to knit Yaacov first (out of "Op-Art Socks"). I ordered the yarn Saturday evening. I was happy flipping thru the book...and then I got the bright idea to check Ravelry, to see what yarns other knitters had used. And then I thought, "hmmmm. Wonder what other socks from this book have been knit".... And then I found a knit-along. That started 1/1 with Fibonacci.

No biggie, right? I want a pair of Yaacov socks...but Fibonacci looks like a Colonial woven coverlet. It started to tempt me....I could knit a pair, and wear them at the loom! Only...I don't have any suitable yarn (shut up! This calls for solids; I mostly have self-striping yarns.). Only....I didn't use a lot of the yarn purchased for my mitts.....anyway. I weighed the leftovers, and I have PLENTY for Fibonacci.

So I cast on yesterday evening....

I think they're looking good!

And, for reference, here's my finished Thistles:

I think the sock works better....we'll see.

Hope this posts - I just downloaded the app.....the photos look HUGE to me; hope they're normal sized IRL!