January 22nd, 2014

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Wednesday Wanderings......

Today was Town Day. We started off with a Majorly Slashed Budget - the electric bill came in. $115 more than I had budgeted, and I had budgeted HIGH. :sigh: Herself has become an *awesome* bargain hunter - we managed to get most of our groceries (minus the meat - we'll get that in a couple of weeks) for HALF my budgeted amount (and meat is a separate line item!).

Speaking of budgets, I had an epiphany today. I have a LOT of socks planned - and most of them involve solid/semi-solid yarn. I.....honestly don't have any in my stash (and I'm being dead serious here -my sock yarn stash consists of multi-colored yarns, because they are fun to knit up. Not so good when you want to do color work, though). I started trying to brainstorm how I could get the appropriate yarn UNDER $12/ball (because I can get Cascade sock yarn for $11-something/ball)....and I happened to glance at the loom. :doh!:

I rapidly hit google to see if I could score some undyed *cones* of sock yarn...yup. At roughly $40/3.5 pound cone...which *should* do about 12 pairs of socks (according to my Math, it'll do 14 paris, but let's be a little....careful.). Meaning each pair will cost approx. $4...not counting the dye (which I have) or the time spent dyeing (which.....is fun. So, I can't really charge for it - I can also count it as Art AND Chemistry! Win/Win/Win!!! :lol:) (As reference, the yarn I'm using now I got on sale - On SALE! - for $25/each, and I purchased 2 skeins (for color work). 100 g/each, and it was enough to do a pair of fingerless mitts AND a pair of socks...and I have a feeling I'll have leftovers.

Since I have...many color work socks queued for *me*, and Herself has asked for 1 pair - so far! - I'm thinking this is the way to go.

Lot of stuff is jumbled around in my brain right now....lots of good posts out there. I need to contemplate stuff before I can comment...

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