January 26th, 2014

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Update thingy....

Let's see:

Thursday: We had out-of-state friends come over. Fun times - I usually only see them 1x/year, so this was a bonus! visit. they brought Herself a bunch of old computers - she wants to use the circuit boards for jewelry.

Not much sock-knitting got done; as we were getting ready to go out to milk I noticed something...fabric-y out in the yard. Went out...and Chloe had eaten 1 of Himself's hat's earflaps. To say I was furious would be a major understatement. (Thursday and Friday were NOT Chloe's best days.....) After beating the crap out of her (sorry, but...I was FURIOUS. She took it off of the kitchen table - no, it didn't belong there, but it wasn't exactly in her line-of-sight, either - drug it outside, and had fun. :sigh: So, during school and the rest of the morning, I frantically re-knit the flap (it doesn't quite match, but Himself said it was OK.). :sigh: I had just CO sock #2 when our friends arrived.

Friday: Grandparent day. Left right after morning stables...I thought about locking the dogs outside, but...it was 21* when we left, and not due to warm up much. I just could NOT do that. I can now, though - we came home to a completely destroyed house. Chloe ate:

5 pound bag of sugar
3 bars of wrapped soap
4 plush sheepies (she had to go OVER a chair to get to the bin they were stored in)
2 placemats
2 hardcover books
Rosetta Stone headphones (she.....unplugged them FROM my laptop. They were NOT within easy reach!)
scattered a set of Aleph-Bet cookie cutters (but didn't munch on them, thankfully!)
tore up about 6 magazines (nothing important, thankfully)

We were only gone 6 hours.


Yes, she got punished. No, it hasn't changed much. (While I was typing this, she pulled one of the sheepies off of the table and took it back outside. And dumped the trashcan over.) She might not make it to her 1st birthday at this rate.....

Saturday: Letterboxing! Fun day - we had a lovely, lovely walk around a heritage farm near us. Only 1 letterbox, but we got in a good hour's walk.

Other: I have been intrigued by charm bracelets for at least a decade, now. The "hot" thing now is apparently Pandora bracelets...but the cost! Herself handed me her Fire Mountain Gems catalog.....anyway, now I have a Pandora-esqe bracelet for - wait for it - $20. I need more charms - I have 3; the rest is spacer beads - but still....$20. I also got her a bracelet (the chain from FMG was only $5.32!) and some starter beads, and I got the stuff for her to make Cyn a bracelet....all for $58. And we have enough spacer beads left over for at least 1 more bracelet. :blink: Herself is all excited - now she can buy me charms as presents! And she can bling them up! :lol:

I think that gets me caught up. I'm at the heel of sock #2...and at the moment, it looks like I might end up with enough yarn to maybe eke out 1 more pair of socks. I'll weigh the balls when I'm done....but that's what it currently looks like. I'm impressed!

Today is stay-at-home day. I need it after last week!

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