February 11th, 2014

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We've been "hit" with freezing rain, again. Was supposed to go into the office, but it was called off due to possible freezing. We'll try again, tomorrow. It'll still be cold....

Yesterday, we had to go house-sit....when the contractors were done, we went to an actual *theatre* and saw "The Lego Movie". WORTH it. So much fun! Both kids had asked, so how could I say no? Because we went on a Monday, there was NO ONE (OK, *8*!) in the room with us. I can highly recommend this - it was fun! :lol:

I'm at the gusset of sock #2. Slow going, because...honestly? I've done it once, I love it, but I'm over it and want to move on. Doesn't help that there's a knit-along I'd like to maybe join on Necker (from Op-Art Socks). I'm trying to talk myself out of the KAL, because....really? I'd prefer to enjoy THIS sock, instead of getting antsy about casting on another one. :sigh: Hard to explain....I do still LOVE my shamrocks, though!

Made a few more project bags, and figured out how to make pyramid bags (for stitch markers and cable needles. I wanted something prettier than plastic tubs. :lol:) I even "mastered" zippers! (sorta. I can at least install them on bags invisibly!)

Our refund is due to hit this week :fingers crossed: If so, it'll be another town day, because I have plans. As do the kids (they get part of it, as well, to do with as they please. Good way to teach budgeting!) I need new cookware.....the Fiesta outlet will enjoy our visit, I think......:lol:

It's gotten interesting in TorahClass lately. We're near the end of Exodus...and.....WoW. I've said all along that we (as Believers) shouldn't participate in things like Halloween/Chrismess/etc, and I've been chastised for it. Folks, it's right there in Exodus 34. We are NOT to mix pagan (NON-God!) practices in with our Torah-observant lives. Dressing up for Halloween? IS mixing. So is setting up a tree for Chrismess....:sigh: Ah, well - I can only do what *I* know is right; I can't make anyone else agree with me. :sigh:

Gotta run - I *really* need to get this sock done!

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