February 18th, 2014

me: portrait

I wear, TX is bi-polar!

Last week, it was 30*. Today? 81*. No, that's not a mis-type - EIGHTY-ONE degrees. With a mild wind. No wonder we've all got the sniffles!

Ali, I'm not milking again - I'm STILL milking. We milk year-round; we have 2 goats that routinely have extended lactations, and I'm trying to breed more. Zoe is on year #3....I'm not sure if she's bred or not; last year she was, and we didn't know it. :sigh: We're down to 3 right now - Annie dried up last month; I'm pretty sure she got bred when she got in with the bucklings (since she hasn't come into heat at ALL since then. And she's rather rotund at the moment. :lol:)...if so, she's due soon-ish.

I, um, think we have a new dog. We've all missed Snips - Chloe has helped, but she's NOT a heeler. Herself has especially missed having her around....so this weekend we shelter-surfed. None of them had what we/she was looking for. We have an appointment with a rescue group on Saturday...but then SG called. He found a free male heeler...and he's going to look at him tonight. So...we might just have gotten Herself a dog. He's supposedly fixed - I hope so. Chloe goes in tomorrow to get spayed, but Bree is still intact. (I just...haven't gotten to the point of fixing her yet. I'm pretty sure I will...but.....:sigh: Add to the fact that some IW's have a problem during any type of surgery....for now, it's not a problem. We have pretty stout fences, and she's been good about NOT trying to escape.)

I'm off to enjoy the weather - it's GORGEOUS outside! I'm halfway thru the gussets of Herself's 2nd sock...I want to get it done so I can start on another color work one. :lol:

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