February 24th, 2014

fiber: Chullo

Always trust your instincts....

So. I've been working on "Necker" from Op-Art socks. I like the colors, I like the way they worked together, but *something* had been nagging me. After I ripped back yesterday (because of the chart-reading fail), I thought I had gotten rid of it...but no. SOMETHING was still niggling; something was just Not Right. :sigh:

Today I made it to the heel flap. For some reason, I decided to try it on.....or, I TRIED to try it on. :grumble: It wouldn't stretch over my heel.

Here's the thing: I have made a LOT of socks. I KNOW that 64 stitches on size 2s will fit - it'll be a bit of an effort to pull them on, but they fit, and fit well. (You want "negative ease" on socks, so that they stay up.) I KNOW that 72 stitches on size 2s will go easily over my heel, yet still fit snugly.

Necker? 70 stitches. Yes, it's color work - I've got 2 pairs of color work socks that fit, so that's NOT the issue. I *think* my new circus are mis-marked....these are Knitter's Pride Karbonz in size 2/2.75m....which is what my favorite DPNs are. And yet, these socks do NOT fit. :grrrr:

I give up on Necker. Soon as I can find my needle gauge, I'll check them to see what size they *are*. I'll admit, they feel thin to me - but that's not really an indicator of anything.

:grumble: All that work....I need to frog 'em, but they're in time out right now.

I've already CO my next pair - Alhambra from Op-Art Socks (yeah, I LOVE most of the patterns - most of my ready-to-go projects are from the book!) in Burgundy and Royal Blue. On my favorite DPNs this time, instead of the recommended circs.....I really need another pair of socks!

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