March 4th, 2014

me: portrait

Happy Mon....Tuesday!

Yesterday was a Recovery Day. I NEEDED it - badly.

Friday: Canton First Monday Trade Days. It's HUGE. HUGE-huge. It's been described as Disneyland for Antique-hunters, and that's not far off. We were there 4 hours, and didn't even cover the first lot. It was supposed to be 70*, so I dressed for 70*. The weathermen forgot to allow for the windchill - it was FREEZING. 4 hours was all my wrist and arm could take.....:shiver:

Still, it wasn't a waste - SG found 1 hand plane (he's looking for older Stanley planes), and I scored a book on drafting patterns for $3. And a bunch of freshly-made dog treats. :lol:

Got home, made sure all our garb was clean, together, and ready to go...this involved ironing. LOTS of ironing. :lol:

Saturday: NTIF. It was 47* when I went out to milk, but warmed up quickly. Very little wind - the few times I went outside I was fine in my shirt-sleeves. It seemed to be not-busy this year - I didn't see the crowds I'm used to seeing. Kinda sad......but I did get a bobbin of Alpaca/Merino/Silk (in a LOVELY teal-y blue!) spun up.

We didn't do too badly - I scored 2 books (1 for each kid: Pattern drafting/costuming for Himself (I think the Lord is trying to tell me something!) and a book on Steampunk fashion for Herself) and a lovely, lovely new mug from my potter friend. Oh, and a new t-shirt - Royal Blue with "I am Sherlocked" and a lovely sketch of Benedict's lovely. And will be worn with pride when it finally warms up For Real. :lol:

Sunday: Woke up to 43*. In less than an hour, it was 34*. And misting. We headed out anyway - got to NTIF at 8:30. We left at 12. COLD, SLEET, light snow flurries......and NO patrons. I wanted to hang in there, but by 11:30 I was in agony - my left arm feels the cold, and this? Was COLD. Miserable. I didn't get warm again until yesterday afternoon, to be honest. At least I had planned ahead - I had started chili Saturday night, and tossed it all in the crockpot Sunday AM. We had a lovely dinner - with half-price baked goods from House of Douglas bakery. :lol: (Yes, it was That Bad - they started discounting all their stuff at 9 AM. NTIF didn't open until 11:30. Tell you anything?)

The roads were all iced in yesterday, so SG stayed home, and the ISD was closed. We did school anyway - why not? - then I went back to bed. :lol: Ended up with 2 dogs, but hey - they were warm!

Today is "warmer", if 40* is considered warm. We're still iced in, but at least we can get out of the driveway today. Which is good, since we need to take Auntie shopping.....:shiver: :cold: :brrrrrr:

Oh! I found out Sunday that my Fibonacci socks won a prize in the knit along! :happy dance: Fun stuff! Holiday Yarns offered me my choice of 1 skein of Flock Sock.......mmmmmmm. New yarn! That I didn't have to dye myself! :lol:

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