March 14th, 2014

me: portrait


Because I am dead tired, and this is easy. Ish. :lol: Washer repairman is due out at 12.....:fingers crossed: Hope he can fix the washer, because I have a PILE of dirty towels that need attention.

Anyway. THIS is what I've been working on lately:

Alhambra Socks

Pattern is Alhambra from Op-Art Socks. Yarn is hand-dyed from Franklin Natural; the mis-match was intentional. I wanted to see what they'd look like in both color ways....:lol: Not sure I'll do that again - I'm not sure I like the non-matchiness of them.

This is the last of the color-work socks for a while - next up, 2 pairs of Kilt Hose. :sigh: and :lol: Pattern is lovely - He'mo Leanan Kilt Hose by Anne Gilmour. BEAUTIFUL cabling - can't wait to cast on (I'm winding the yarn now. Himself's is up first - a lovely Aegean Blue. Then SG's - mossy green. :mmmmm:)

And I owe a photo of the twins:

Annie's Twins

They're residing in the bathroom in a playpen right now. Hopefully they can go out in the barn Sunday - I'm a little worried about Penny - she's SO small! Healthy, but tiny.

AND. I have the BEST husband EVER. You know he got Himself all set up with a wondrous gaming PC, right? his annual bonus hit. FIRST thing he did was call me to find out what kind of kiln Herself was wanting. (Paragon Firefly. With the viewing window!). He then placed an order - this is amazing, because kilns aren't cheap (and I was looking at a pre-owned one for her) AND she's not actually into stuff that needs a kiln. Yet. She's been angling for a microwave kiln for months..this? Is SO much better. And I didn't beg. :lol: (If you knew the dynamics here, you'd know what a HUGE thing this is. HUGE. She's going to be over the moon - and it was HIS idea!)

Gotta run - bottle duty time! Then it's on to the needles!!

Shabbat Shalom!

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