March 18th, 2014

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Good Morning....Not!

Let's up at normal time, fed the ravenous twins, and settled down to watch the news. Heard a gosh-awful scream.......seems the 2-pastures-over-neighbor's mules/horses decided it would be just great to come over into OUR pasture, beat up on Dusty (27) and flirt with our mares. :sigh:

We've been having problems with this neighbor - one of his cows has been visiting for the past 2 or 3 months. We call him, he shrugs.......last week his mules came over to watch our horses eat. Now this...

We did get a Deputy out to take a report - Dusty had a nice, largish bloody patch on his neck where some other horse/mule tried to take a chunk out of him. One of the other horses has a HUGE gaping hole in his rump - looks like from a t-post, but it wouldn't let me get close enough to be sure. :shrug: Not my problem....or my horse. We're currently waiting on neighbor to come out and get his critters.

We're also still waiting on the washer repairman. :sigh: The pump is "broken", they didn't have the part in but would have it yesterday.....I need my washer. Badly. I have a TON of hand wash-only stuff that NEEDS the washer. :sigh:

Working on Himself's kilt hose. I told him yesterday that if he EVER doubts my love for him, I'll shove these in his face. :lol: They're NOT hard, just very, very fiddly. I have the cuff done and am working on the ribbing now...then it's on to the fun part - the cabled leg. :whee: (Of course, I'm ignoring that I have 3 more to do - the mate to his and SG's pair. I might just strangle myself with my needles before I'm done......:rofl:)

Off to get school together....we're all kinda off-kilter this morning. Can't imagine why......

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