March 20th, 2014

me: portrait


I saved a cat's life last night, and as a thank you, it tore the crap out of my left hand. Tigger and Chloe were both attacking it; I got them off but the cat was too terrified and PISSED to go back over the fence (I won't discuss it's lack of intelligence; EVERY cat knows our yard is home to cat-hating dogs. This stupid thing decided to stroll in our gate and across the back yard - what did it expect to happen?) So, I made a split-second decision and grabbed it to toss it over the decided my thumb was the perfect thing to latch on to while windmilling it's legs in the dogs' general direction. OUCH. It took a few seconds for me to shake it off of my thumb......:sigh: I was bleeding all over the place; ended up with 3 holes in my thumb, 2 holes in my ring finger, and multiple holes and scratches on my right hand. :big sigh:

Progress on Himself's kilt hose has slowed to a crawl, needless to say. I cut up the pattern and taped the charts onto 2 sheets of paper - this helps keep track of what I'm doing and where. The yarn (Cascade 220 Sport) is nice - the cables are popping, and it looks great. I'm about halfway thru the calf-shaping chart.....I'm trying really hard to NOT think about the other 3 I have to knit. :lol:

The washer got fixed Tuesday, so yesterday was Wash-all-the-things! Day. Today is finish up washing-all-the-things...:lol: Baby goats are out in the barn; I hope it's warm enough tonight that they can STAY out there. They're cute and all....but I need sleep. NOT tap-dancing goats at 2 AM.

More later....

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