April 10th, 2014

me: portrait

Wait - how is it Thursday already????

Because....wow. OK. :blink:

Internet doesn't seem to be much faster, even though they "moved us to a higher frequency tower with only 4 other customers on it." Right. It still sucked last night - we are paying for 5mb. According to the speed tests we ran last night, we were getting 1.2. Or less. (Right after the guy left, it tested at 9.46!!!!! Then it dropped....it stabilized around 4.5 - which is fine! - then, at 5, just like normal, it dropped to under 1.0. :sigh:)

Chloe the wonder-mutt ATE my crockpot on Saturday. The cord is...well, gone, as is the knob. We went out and got me a much larger one - 8 qt! - only, I didn't realize how much BIGGER that was. It's too big for the beef tips I wanted to do for tonight...good thing I have a lovely Fiesta dutch oven-tye pot. :lol: 2 pounds of lovely stew meat is bubbling away in the oven right now. The house is starting to smell divine! :mmmmmmmm:

We had to disbudd Penny last night. It's the one thing about goats that I HATE - but it's a necessity, both for our safety and theirs. She's fine this AM, bounding around like nothing happened. (Sheldon got done a week and a half ago - he's a BIG boy. Her horns had just now started coming in. So...I got to dread it 2x instead of just once.)

Barn cleaning today. Fun stuff.....

I'm almost finished with the first ball of yarn - and I'm not done with the ribbing yet. Kilt hose V.1., I made it to the heel flap on the first ball....weirdness. Yes, I'm knitting the larger size...but it's only 10 stitches more. I didn't think it'd take that much more yarn!

Gotta run - school's about to start!

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