April 13th, 2014

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The Great Clean-out is on!

:whew: I think I've almost got the kitchen done - the oven is doing it's cleaning thing now; all the counters have been scrubbed, all the cabinets have been emptied....tomorrow I'll tackle the freezer and 'fridge. The dry stuff that's leavened will go to SG's office, the frozen stuff...will go to the chickens. Or dogs. :sigh:

We have internet again! Thursday, around 12:15, the 'net died. Then came back up and went back down....we basically had no functioning internet. The "head" tech came out Friday.....seems that, when we had the stupid dish installed, the guy put it *in the wrong spot on the roof*. And put it *up on a pole*...which, with our 20+ mph constant winds, was STUPID. (And has caused a soft spot on our roof, but I'll deal with that later.)

So. This guy moved the dish, dropped it....and we have BLAZING fast, solid, internet. We went from 1.0 (usually less) to - get this - *6.0+. :happy dance: Part of the speed is that he also changed the frequency we use - we're on a different tower now, with less users. Granted, we're 2 days behind in History, but......ehhhh. I'll bump stuff another week and finish up this week. No huge deal.

My husband is a sweetie. There was a sale at one of the wood stores he goes to....so he bribed me. I got some yarn-enhancement funds and he got to buy 3 tools. He made out better than me, but I didn't *need* the yarn, so it's all good. :lol: (Plus he gave the kids some spending money, which was a nice touch.) I have 6 new socks to plan.....:rofl: AFTER the kilt hose are done. :sigh:

Funny thing: We got home yesterday to a small flood. Seems the hose to the pool pump sprung a leak. Why was it funny? Because we both got *soaked* trying to fix it. (Guess you had to be here. :lol:)

Looks like rain - I hope so. We NEED it.

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