April 20th, 2014

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I'm tired. This AM, the kids and SG went to clear out more of the buck barn (3 years of ick.....they have 1 more day, I think. 4 hours/day is all they can handle...it's BAD. :shudder:) and I got to assemble 2 cheap bookcases and tidy up the game/music room.

See, we have a little bit of a book problem. I LOVE books. LOVE them. I feel the need to liberate them (well, most of them) when I find them in used book stores.....I am a promiscuous reader. :lol: I'll read (and collect) almost anything - and it's gotten really bad ever since I started homeschooling.

We had 2 short bookcases that were FULL (and overloaded), plus 1 more in the breakfast area (cheap, old fake barrister-type bookcase with 4 shelves) that was also overloaded. I had had ENOUGH, so yesterday we picked up 2 of the very cheap Sauder bookcases from Wally-world. I hoped that would be enough....

It was. ALL the books that we currently use, plus those that we will be using, plus all the History, Science, Art and Music books are on the first bookcase. The 2nd has my Rashi collection and all the "religious" books, all the Language Arts books, all the free reading books, and all the Physics activity sets we own. Plus the Snap Circuits set.

Reading that doesn't give you the full picture...because both cases are FULL. And...slightly overloaded. I have books on top of books.....but they are ALL in one spot. :lol: (We did the same thing with all the craft books earlier this year - SG built me a bookcase...it's FULL. The case it replaced? Didn't get trashed; it's got all the magazines on it. (And..it's full, too.)

And that's just the homeschool books.....our bedroom really needs work. And more shelves.....did I mention I am a promiscuous reader? :rofl:

The kids and SG are happy - we had set up a TV in there for their gaming systems, and SG figured out how to root our......red fruit TV box. :snicker: They've been spending more time in there - now it looks nice, and they aren't tripping over books/activity sets every time they go in there.

Yes, the cases were CHEAP and won't last. But they'll do the job for now, until SG has time to build nice ones.

I'm off to relax a bit - laters!

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