May 8th, 2014

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Well. THAT was fun. NOT!!!

:sigh: So. I sent an email to work, asking about when my sev. check might be issued. I was nice, I was polite....and the SHTF. Loudly.

I was going to ask in person on Tuesday, but both Ms. boss and FA were NOT in good moods. He's going in for surgery today (hip replacement) and she was having tummy problems...I figured it would be best to wait. (She already hates me. Didn't want to add fuel to THAT fire, KWIM?)

I sent an email to FA on Tuesday, asking what he knew. That chicken said "Oh, no - I thought you and she had discussed it." Um, dude - it was YOUR idea in the first place to set up the agreement, and it was YOUR idea to terminate my employment and make me a contractor. Don't even...nevermind.

So. I emailed the office yesterday. It went over about like I predicted - she was *shocked* and *pissed* and *how could I even think..* Um, because it says in black and white that if YOU terminate ME, I get paid? (No, I haven't mentioned the attorney visit yet. I'm trying to keep this civil, you know?)

FA was called. He hemmed, and hawed, and tried to say that I wasn't terminated, I was just "reclassified". Um, no. If that were the case, why is HE fighting TWC over unemployment on some of his former *contractors*? If they were just "reclassified employees" they'd be eligible for unemployment, right? :bangs head: He finally said, "Well, run it by *work attorney* to see what he says.." which is FA-speak for "Yeah, this is right, but *I* don't want to be the one to admit it."

:sigh: 1 more office day. It's gonna be HELL, but I can deal with it for 6 hours. I have a Board-certified Labor and Employment Attorney's word that I do, in fact, get the severance, so I'm not worried...too much. I mean, yeah - I'm human. I worry. But I know I really shouldn't.....:sigh:

In the "good news" category - this has pissed Ms. boss off at FA totally. He had had her almost convinced that SHE needed to hire a replacement for me (to do HIS work...yeah. He's a snake.)..this? This has made her declare no way, no how will she hire someone for him - he can do it himself. :snicker: (Hey, I gotta take what I can get. I hope this opens her eyes to his snake-ness....because he takes advantage of her horribly.)

In better, happier news - I have almost all of next school year planned out. I also figured out how to get my rinky-dink laser printer to do 2-sided printing - since TorahClass has Deuteronomy out finally, I can print it on the laser instead of eating up all the inkjet ink. (LJ is cheaper! And I have a few replacement cartridges already! :happy dance: (and...the LJ toner is only $10 more than all the inkjet cartridges. How weird is *that*?))

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