May 12th, 2014

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Homeschool planning, redux....

My husband is a bad, bad man. He knows my weakness...books. And he delights in taking me to Half-Price and turning me loose - this time, with $20. (Which is MORE than enough at Half-Price!)

See, I HAD everything pretty much mapped out for next school year. We're doing a study of Broadway for Art/Music, to be followed by watching a lot of musicals. I hadn't planned out literature yet, but was working on it. Math/Science and part of History is all planned and laid out. Language....2 days/week are Hebrew, and 2 days/week are Latin (down from 3/2....this year we are keeping Fridays pretty much open - Torah and History and any tests we take are IT.)

So. He takes me to HPB Saturday and turns me loose while he goes to Starbucks. :heh: My $20 went a LONG way:

1. Jane Austen: A Celebraton of Her Life and Work. Hardback biography, with synopsis of each book, plus literary analysis AND comparison and contrast with each of the movie/TV versions that have been made. Our Literature course for next year is Right Here! :happy dance:

2. The Complete Phantom of the Opera. Oversized soft back, with.....the easy way to explain it is that the special feature on the Phantom movie is now a book. Synopsis of the original book, discussion of the movie treatments, plus a behind-the-scenes look at Weber's creative process AND the process to design the sets and costumes. AWESOME book - if you're a Phantom-lover (and we are! :wink:) This'll be a good companion for the next time we watch Phantom - and it's in town this year. I'm trying to budget for tickets...:fingers crossed:

3. The Queen. Small concise biography of Queen Elizabeth II. FULL of stuff, interesting - it'll be easy to work it into our modern-history section on her.

4. Tudor Treasures to Embroider. Um. It was only $1, and it's hardback. And it's.....inspiring. Full of loverly stuff - and I can use the patterns for other things.

5. From Star Wars to Indiana Jones: The Best of the Lucasfilm Archives. Storyboards, sketches, costume and prop's incredible.

Not bad for $20, huh? :lol:

I just need to pick a couple of Jane's novels and make sure I have the corresponding film. And figure out how to schedule both, of course! :lol:

We also went out driving's a fun, cheap thing to do on the weekends.

Still nothing from work.......I guess no news is good news, yes? :sigh:

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