May 18th, 2014

me: portrait

Yesterday was a very Blessed Day!

It really was!

We had to run to Wally-world to get a few things....I got the supplies for a project that needed doing for $9! THEN, we went to the Feed Store. While there, Herself was in raptures over the 10 week old pullets....I asked what breed, and remarked that hey, wish I could afford them, but it'd have to be 2 weeks.

The owner said, "Well, they're only $3.25, and they HAVE to go. Tell ya what, you can take 'em now and pay me when you come back in for feed in 2 weeks, OK?" Um.....err.....SG said, "How much? $3.25....(to me) How many did you want? (10)...Nah, let's go ahead and pay for them now." :lol:

See, thing is, pullets this old are usually $10 - $15 EACH around here. To get them for $3.25 each's amazing. (It was at the point he was losing money feeding them everyday. He wanted to move 'em out, because he really doesn't have room for more at his house......)

And THEN, on the way home, we saw a "fire rainbow" - a partial rainbow in a clear, dry sky. Gorgeous!

Today, the chicks have seemingly settled in. We have a broody hen sitting on 8 eggs, so hopefully we'll hatch out 8 more in 3 weeks.

I need to get my printer working again - it decided to quit in the middle of a Romeo and Juliet Study Guide. :grumble: I'm downloading a patch...hope it works! I need my laser printer! :lol:

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