May 29th, 2014

me: portrait

Quick Update

1) Hearthie, I will send you the pattern and an example (I actually drew up the pattern myself, so...:lol:) I just haven't been able to get to the Post Office yet.....probably next week.

2) Twin girls are doing OK. They're still weak - they can't stand up yet, but hey! They were 1 week early! The fact that they are both eating like crazy is a good sign, yes? Patches still has no milk...but I am working with her daily. I have a feeling this year is a bust, though....we'll breed her again this winter; if she doesn't have milk next year she's gone.

3) Have an appointment with my attorney tomorrow. Not going into detail yet, but......FA is an ass. And Ms. boss's attorney seems to think I'm bluffing. :sigh: and :grrrrrr: I did apply for unemployment today...should've done it back in February, but my pride got in the way. Ah, well.....LOTS of stuff I've left off-line, but I promise I'll dish when I can.

4) Been working on the studio - today I cut out and pinned up new covers for the serger and machine. This time, I used sewing themed fabric, and they're looking cute! Will sew them up later today - we have to take the Featherweight in to have it serviced first. (I'm not sewing with it, but I like to get errands done early.

Late start today - had phone calls to make. Laters!

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