August 1st, 2014

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Shabbat Shalom!

It's another one of those drizzly, dazy days - we're not going to hit 90* today! Or this weekend, according to the forecasters. It's a very odd summer, indeed - we've had 3 100+ days instead of the long string of them we usually have; I think it was last year we were all complaining because we almost broke our record for consecutive 100+ days, but missed it by 1. It was only 99* that last day....I mean, if we have to suffer, let it at least MEAN something, y'know? :lol:

Ms. boss is at it again.....she's so pissed that I "took advantage" of the agreement that SHE came up with and signed and presented to us that she wants to cancel it and leave coworker out in the cold. :sigh: She's a piece of work, she is.....and it might be about to bite her in the butt. We'll see how things play out....

I'm mid-way thru the heel turn of Herself's socks.....I gotta say, this is the WEIRDEST sock pattern I've ever done. Usually, you knit the leg, then stop and work half the stitches for the heel, then start back in the round*. This pattern? You work the leg, then the heel, gusset AND instep all at the same time. You stop and turn the heel, then....IF I'm reading the pattern right - you've decreased your way back to the correct number of stitches so you start the sole pattern while continuing the instep pattern and off you go down to the toe. It's.....odd. Looks way cool, but I'm having a hard time with this, because I can't wrap my brain around what I'm doing, so I keep stopping so I can think about it. Makes for SLOW knitting. (I need to *understand* what I'm doing - need to know what the point is. Socks were hard until a friend whipped me upside the head and told me to just blindly follow the heel instructions the first time. I did, it worked - and now I can do (normal!) socks in my sleep.) the 2nd sock should go much faster...when I get there. :lol:

I need to tidy up a bit before starting dinner, and try to finish the heel on this sock! See ya on the flip side!

*There are 3 basic types of heels in socks:

1. The flap-and-gusset heel; you knit a flap back-and-forth on half your stitches. When you reach the target length - usually 2" or so - you turn the heel using short-rows, then you pick up stitches along 1 side of the flap and knit them, knit the instep stitches that have been hanging out on the other needle(s), pick up and knit the stitches on the other side of the flap, and continue on, in the round, decreasing every 2 rounds or so until you're back to the original stitch count. This is the heel that fits *my* foot the best, so it's my go-to in socks.

2. The short-row heel; you work the heel on half the stitches, working 1 fewer stitch each row down to the target number (usually around 8, IIRC), then work 1 MORE stitch per row until all the stitches have been worked. From that point you just start working in the round again down to the toe. This is a relatively easy heel to work; sometimes you get holes where you turned the work. (There are LOTS of ways to fix that - I'm not very familiar with them). This is the heel that fits my husband....I'm not that great at it. Yet. (Yes, he has hand-knit socks However, until he starts keeping his toenails trimmed, he doesn't get that many, because his nails cut the toes of his socks. :grrrrrr: I'm tired of darning sock toes, so he's on the back burner for now.)

3. The afterthought/peasant heel; this one is easy. Basically, you knit the leg to where you want the heel to be, then work half the stitches on waste yarn, slide them back to the left needle and knit into the waste yarn with your sock yarn. *Most* instructions tell you to knit to the end of the sock and then go back, pull out the waste yarn, pick up all the stitches, and knit another toe; I prefer to knit 1 - 2 inches, stop, grab more needles and knit the heel so that the sock can be tried on and fitted correctly. I honestly hadn't thought until last night that I need to try this heel on my husband's socks - there's no holes to worry about, and I actually like the look better.

The only "problem" with any heel is that the color progression gets messed up if you're using the same yarn for the entire sock. :shrug: The afterthought heel requires weaving in the end at the beginning, because you're using a totally separate piece of yarn to knit the heel. :again, shrug: If it bothers you, knit your socks with contrast color heels and toes. :wink:

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