August 6th, 2014

me: portrait

It's Wednesday!

Yesterday was take-the-Aunt-shopping-day, and it went well. We made a run to Krispy Kreme (YUM!) and scored 2 dozen fresh donuts for us, and 1 for her. (THAT was an argument; she KNEW I was planning on getting her 1 dozen, we talked about it many, many why it was such a surprise when I put her box on the table I don't know...)

I did finish Lizard sock #1 - yesterday. I was hit with a bad headache Monday, and honestly didn't trust myself to count stitches properly. Ah well - sometimes, the knitting has to wait.

This AM I wound and bagged all the yarn I dyed this weekend. I even went a step further and put the yarn in a project bag before putting it and the pattern in a ziplock. All I have to do is just grab the ziplock, pop out the project bag, grab my needles and *go*. Pretty snazzy! :lol:

My wrist is a bit owie, so I'm trying to NOT knit for a bit. I've wound yarn, packaged yarn, and even sewed a new project bag....but the itch is still there. :sigh: I even organized my Ravelry pattern stash - all the patterns that I've printed off have been put in page protectors (1 per pattern), then organized by 1) Item 2) Technique and put in a binder. Socks have their own binder - it's organized by Cables/Colorwork/Lace/Textured/Unusual. I have....well, I have a lot of patterns to choose from. A...whole lot. :rofl: Not counting the books......oi! :snicker:

Think I need to try to take a nap..maybe that'll ease the itch to knit. (Must Knit All the Socks!) :lol:

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