August 10th, 2014

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Blah de blah de blah....

Let's see:

1. The washer died. Again. It's less than 5 years old; it's a Maytag, so I kinda expected better. Should'a least *I* buy the extended warranties.....service can't come out before Friday, we get to go to the Laundrymat this week! Oh, joy! We got 2 codes this time, instead of 1, so I think it's pretty well dead.

2. I'm 11 rounds from starting the heel on Lizard sock #2. It was a BAD idea for me to sort all my Ravelry patterns; now I want to Knit All The Things! And I'm SO over this pattern...:sigh: I will be good, though - Herself REALLY wants these, so I have to get them done. (Kitting up all those patterns didn't help, either, because now they are READY to start. :sigh:)

3. It just rained! Thank You, Lord!

4. We found a new-to-us warehouse outlet in the next town. We'd seen it before, but never stopped in. Yesterday, we did....that is a very dangerous place. They just started carrying Homebrew supplies; they have tons of stainless stock pots and strainers.....and they stock oil. In LARGE quantities. (OK, not super-large, but 3 gallons of oil isn't seen around here any where else.) At GOOD prices. I know where I'll be going for my base oils!

5. Wrist is still sore, as is my thumb. :sigh: Could be worse...but it could be better, too.

6. We got the dogs a kiddie wading pool.....yesterday, it was full of acid death water. Chloe finally braved it - with 1 paw. I went out there and taunted them with a tennis ball - Riley finally got brave and got in with me to get the ball (he's a ball FIEND.) This AM, Chloe decided it was hot, and got in on her own. I went out and hopped in with her; she and I splashed around quite happily for a few minutes before Riley jumped in to see what we were doing. :lol: I don't think Bree will ever brave it; water not in a bowl is deadly. She'll melt into a chihuahua if she gets wet - or so she seems to think. :rofl:

7. I hate video games. Wait, let me rephrase: I hate Skyrim. Herself is OBSESSED with the stupid game; I know all the tricks and "secret stashes" and I don't even play the blasted thing! It's just about all she talks about; when we upgraded the PS3, she lost her save files.....and I am STILL hearing about that! (Even though she has finally started again....):grrrr: Now, SG has started playing again.....all I hear from the 2 of them is Skyrim talk. :bangs head: And Himself has started playing....I am SO glad I have mastered the listening without actually paying attention perk......because honestly? I Do Not Care about Skyrim! (Some of it sticks, because I told SG how to win a fight last night. :bangs head: Stupid waste of my brain cells.......:arrrrrrrrrrgh:)

Guess I've played enough....I really need to work on the sock. :sigh: Sooner done, sooner I can start something *new*! :lol:

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