August 22nd, 2014

me: portrait

Shabbat Shalom!

a little early, to be sure, but still - the sentiment is heart-felt!

Laundromat today. :sigh: SUPPOSEDLY, the repairman will be here Monday. Only, the kids and I have a SG is working from home. Hope the guy shows, or SG will unleash the wrath of....well, he'll be on the phone. :lol: I MISS my washer!

On the toe of travel sock #2. I want to get these DONE (they've been the travel sock since May, I think - it's well time to pick a new one!) so I can whip out a few more plain pairs...then move on to another color work pair. Yes, I have more socks planned - I have 12 or so color work pairs kitted up - but I want to do "easy" for a bit, because my original socks are old and wearing thin. I *need* new socks to replace them!

Loki is doing well. He figured out how to go *out* the pet door, but can't quite figure out how to come back *in*; I'm spending a lot of time rescuing him from the big outdoors. :lol:

Gotta run - time to clean!

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