August 29th, 2014

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Chloe is in BIG trouble....

because she simply can't be trusted. We left her out of the crate today when we ran to First Monday, because she has been *so* good......that backfired. Came home to find my MacBook Air ON THE FLOOR - it had been in it's leather case on the pull-out drawer of the command center. SG even pushed it further back before we left.....she had also eaten a collectible car that was on the TOP SHELF of the entertainment center, a paper project Herself had made, an Anna Lee lamb that was also on the top shelf of the entertainment was a DISASTER. :sigh:

The Air is fine, thankfully. The not. :sigh: (And we were only gone 2.5 hours. She was a very busy girl!)

Loki, on the other hand, was a perfect little boy. No messes in the bathroom at all - except he had spilled his water bowl.

I am halfway down the foot of my sock - I need to get it done, because...well. There is a sock pattern from the Tsock Tsarina that I have been hunting for for *years*. I showed it to Herself last year, because it's a Firebird - and that's her chosen name just about everywhere. I *though* she'd admire it and we'd move on; oh no. She saw it, fell head-over-heels in love with it, and has been hounding me ever since to find it.

Back in May, a nice Raveler offered to buy the kit for me at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I jumped on it; the Raveler got it, then had surgery and disappeared off the internet. I quit bugging her email in June, because I figured either surgery did NOT go well and her family was dealing with too much stuff, or something else had happened - maybe she wasn't able to get the kit after all.

Well, she contacted me this week, had the kit, and it got mailed out yesterday. :happy dance: Herself is beside herself, because Firebird socks! They are due to hit my mailbox Tuesday....and she's agreed that they can be a Hanukkah present - that's 2 down, plus the 1 I have coming from Fire Mountain (that can be broken down if need be.) :whew: Of course, there's still the actual knitting....

The Tsock Tsarina is notorious patterns. I've knit one - Fiber Festival. It was relatively straight-forward, with just a few surprises. I ended up having to do a foot-ectomy, since it called for a short-row heel, and it did NOT fit my foot. I have 2 more of her kits in the stash - Vintage (grapes! I want to knit them for Shabbat-wear!) and Oktoberfest (beer! I want to knit the kit for me, and dye up some yarn for SG, since he's a home brewer.) There's a few more I want....but they'll wait. For now. :lol:

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