October 2nd, 2014

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Happy Thursday!

Herself is MUCH better today, thank you! She slept soundly last night, and woke up ready to take on the world. Or at least, Canton Trade Days. :lol: I'm glad we went today instead of tomorrow; we found a "new" vendor (new to us, anyway!) that carries mostly old-fashioned hand-tools. Like the planes SG has been hunting. For reasonable prices.

A few weeks ago, SG showed me a video of Chris Schwartz (some big woodworking guru) - he was using a plow plane. SG remarked that he'd like one, but new they were in the $500+ range (the one Chris was using was $1700. !!!!)

Anyway, we're browsing the booth...and I see not 1 but *2* plow planes. 1 had a bunch of blades with it - but it was priced a little out of our budget. SG sighed and bought a Stanley plane, a...something else, and an old oil can. I asked the guy what was the least amount he'd take for the bells-n-whistles plane....and he said, well, I take checks, you know, and let me see...how 'bout $100? I had my checkbook out faster than SG could say "Yes". :rofl:

SG has promised to finish my weaving cabinet soon. He also offered to buy me the 2 broken-down spinning wheels another seller had....problem is that only 1 was almost complete. And...it's gonna cost more than the thing is worth to get it to usable condition (it's missing the Mother-of-All, the flyer and bobbin assembly and the wooden screw blocks needed to tension the missing MoA. SG can't do metal smithing, which is necessary for the orifice and bobbin rod.....we *could* purchase an Ashford flyer unit, but it wouldn't match and might not even work correctly on the old wheel. :sigh: It was a pretty thing....but I won't spend $100 on a non-fixable beauty prop. :big sigh:

Ah, well - we had fun. And Herself still feels good!

I've been lesson-planning. Looks like our Home Ec course will be on Mondays - it's a non-full day (ish - Friday is our light day, but I want to keep it that way for Shabbat-prep). We're starting with scrambled eggs - that way she can cook *something* decent right out the gate. I have the Jan/Feb 1998 issue of Cook's Illustrated which has "fluffy scrambled eggs", "Best Bacon" (we'll use either Turkey or Beef bacon, of course!), Jewish Rye Bread, and Carrot Cake - that's a whole month, right there! :wink: We'll do a lot of it later in the day, so that supper will be taken care of - she learns to cook and *I* don't have to prep dinner. Win/win! :lol: I have 9 issues of Cook's Illustrated and 7 issues of Martha Stewart Living (I know, but - she's got good ideas.) - that should keep us busy this year! (And, we might do more than 1x/week. We'll see.)

Gotta re-boot the laundry. Hope y'all have a great day!

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