October 3rd, 2014

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Quick Roundup....

because I have to get Shabbat dinner on the table and eaten before sundown today - Yom Kippur begins at sundown. It's a mandatory fast-day, so.....

TadpoleAcorn: a lifeline is a piece of string/yarn (I use dental floss) that is run thru a round/row of stitches at a point where you KNOW you've got it correct. It stops the project from running down to a point you can't fix it. I don't normally use lifelines; I've knitted long enough that I can fix just about anything - except lace. I DO use a lifeline in lace, at the last row of each repeat.

On the birds, I ran a lifeline after each lace repeat - I'd knit the round, make sure I had enough stitches (and not too many), then I'd pull off a piece of dental floss about 18" long, thread it into a tapestry needle, and very carefully run the needle thru each and every stitch. Then I'd pick up my free knitting needle and start knitting, being careful to NOT pick up the floss in the new stitch (I'm not always successful. :wry grin:) I also ran a lifeline the round before starting the heel - I am NOT good at short-row heels, because they don't fit MY feet, so I just don't do them. (Funny thing is, short-row heels fit my husband's feet perfectly. However, until he learns to keep his hooves toenails trimmed to a sock-safe length, he doesn't get many hand-knits. I like to KNIT socks, not DARN them.)

So. I knit up to the point of starting the heel, ran a lifeline, and started the decreases. Good thing, since it took me 4 tries to get the stupid heel right. :lol:

There are many ways to run lifelines; I like the tapestry needle because I can control the whole thing. If you're using an interchangeable circular needle, you can thread the thread/floss thru the key hole and it'll run thru as you knit. I just don't think they make interchangeable small enough for socks/mittens.

General update: Herself is a little better, but not a lot. I told her that IF she is still sick tomorrow, she is excused from the fast. She's determined to fast anyway, so we'll see.

Today we helped my Dad - he bought a new-to-him leather sectional and needed help getting home. It's NICE - it's dark green, AND it's a sleeper-sofa. I have to admit, I'm a little jealous - not that we can use a sectional in our house - it simply wouldn't fit! - but it's nice. And heavy....:lol:

Gotta skitter - got a LOT of things to do before tonight!

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