October 7th, 2014

me: portrait

Happy Tuesday!

We've been busy - sorry for the silence. I'm still slowly working on bird #2 - I can knit maybe 5 rows before the pain hits and I have to stop. :grrrrrr: I'm on row 57 - out of 81. So, I'm getting there.

Bree is healing slowly - she keeps banging her tail on the walls. She's such a wimp it's not even funny - usually, Wolfies are stoic. Not her. I *KNOW* she hurts, but.....she's a drama queen. :lol:

Been downloading a lot of stuff off of Scribd....I need to figure out what I have so I don't duplicate stuff. I think we're set on reading material for...quite some time. :lol:

I think my wrist has rested - I'll try to knit some more. Every round counts!

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