October 16th, 2014

me: portrait

Busy, as usual....

Today marks the beginning of the annual firewood gathering. The county started cutting trees 3 roads over from us; we went and picked up a truckload this evening, and will go back Saturday for more. We don't "need"it, no - but when the Lord provides, it would be stupid to NOT gratefully accept it, y'know?

I'm slowly working my way up Himself's scarf. It took 3 tries, but I have it *down* now - color worked cables, in navy and sea-blue, in 2 cable patterns (Saxon Braid framed by a 3-strand braided cable). It's going to be GORGEOUS, but....I think it's going to be too hot. Because of the color-stranding, I decided to knit it in the round, so that when I'm done I can seam up the ends and he'll have a reversible scary; I didn't stop to think that color work is double-thick, so that *this* scarf will be quadruple-thick. :sigh: HE'S happy with it so far, and says it's perfect, so...onward I go. Photos will be forthcoming; I want to get it a bit further along to show the knots better.

Loki puppy is SO silly - he "talks" and "sings". Last Friday, SG bought me (and Herself :giggle:) the new Toothless toy from Build-a-Bear; she put a sound chip in that roars.....I got one with the Star Wars Main Theme. (of course!). Well, every time Loki hears mine, he starts "singing" along with it. So, so funny - because he's actually in TUNE. :lol:

The weather's been nice - the A/C hasn't come on hardly at all, all week! Just lovely!

Gotta skitter - dinner's on!

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