October 27th, 2014

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Blah de blah de blah....

Let's see.....today the kids are learning how to make bread the "old fashioned" way - by hand. Granted, we tried to use my KitchenAid, but....we kinda sorta maybe blew the motor (I am smelling hot metal when it runs, so....I think I may need to replace it next year. :sigh:)

Last week, they made plain white sandwich bread in the bread maker, this week it's Jewish Rye. *I* made a bad mistake, though - I forgot that we put honey in the sponge. When the KA started smelling, Himself shut it off and *I* grabbed the dough to mix it....and now my hands are all itchy and red. :big sigh: (Bigger sigh - *I* shouldn't taste-test the bread. I will, though - I figure, if I have to do Benedryl ANYWAY, I might as well taste the fruit of my labors, right?)

Yesterday I dyed 2 batches of yarn - photos later. Both blue, both different. I need to dye at least 1 more batch - this time in green. I need to reknit Fiber Festival (I HATE the gray the original pair was knit in. I know the Tsock Tsarina chose the color, but ICK. I don't wear them because I don't like GRAY. Green, I'll wear. :grin:)...which leads to my next thought.

Hearthie did a post on God's Will, and how we shouldn't "brag" on our plans. (OK, so Paul says we shouldn't brag, she just quoted him.) Does this mean we should NOT plan at all?

Nope. Bearing in mind that Man plans and God laughs (seriously, He does. :lol:), and that our plans are subject to His Will, we still need to plan things. I mean....I already have doctor appointments set up for next year! If I were to wait until then, I wouldn't be able to get in, y'know? BUT. I always know that just because *I* plan to see the doctor next June, for example, it doesn't mean I actually will keep the appointment. God may have other plans for me which supersede mine.

So. I have a TON of socks kitted up (I think I'm at 24 or so now. Maybe more.). I've decided that, once my present knitting is done I will focus on getting them knit up. They're not all for me, so this'll also knock out some presents as well....but I've had some of these kits for YEARS. It's time I knit them up and actually wear the socks...which will free up space for me to kit up some of the other patterns I have - thanks to Ravelry. (Ravelry has been bad for me, because of the pattern database. There are a TON of patterns - both free and paid! - there.....and I am weak. :rofl:)

Herself is having a ball today playing with polymer clay. I am the proud owner of a custom Toothless necklace; she's making herself a Stormfly choker. (Astrid's dragon - both from "How to Train Your Dragon".) I'm glad to see her playing again - it's been a while. I mean, yes, she's been playing with the porcelain, but it's not the same - with polymer she's playful and cute and inventive. She's more timid with the porcelain.....it's kinda sad.

Gotta go check on the bread - it's almost time to beat it down and shape it. Laters!

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