November 24th, 2014

me: portrait

Blah de blah de blah....

Let's see....SG hurt his foot Thursday being a Good Samaritan. He did go see his doc, who took x-rays and sent him home *without reading the x-rays*. As of this AM, we STILL haven't heard I have a grumpy husband hanging around all week. (He was already on times!)

I finished the owl hat, and started another one. This for Herself, and is from a popular video game. :lol: I'll post pictures when I get a bit more knit....but it's hysterical. Then it's on to a hat for SG (based on GoT) - THEN I can finally knock out a few pairs of socks. I'm in withdrawal - to the point that yes, I *did* CO a pair yesterday for Thanksgiving dinner knitting (I can't do something with charts at a family dinner - it's rude. Mindless knitting? I can participate in conversations while knitting.)

Tadpole: Try Miller's Soap or The Dish. Just bue sure you have a good scale (that does grams as well as ounces) and take all safety precautions. Lye is dangerous - be safe.

I spent some time Saturday sewing, but....part of it didn't work out. I decided to use the Featherweight - but I didn't realize that the foot isn't exactly 1/4". So....some of my seams pulled apart when I washed the item. :sigh: It was a gift, I need to sit down and have a re-do. Not a huge problem - I can use the flawed one myself (and I *was* going to make one for me, so...this is OK.) This time I'll use my White,'s just, it was cold in the studio and I wanted to be warm. It's easy to set the Featherweight up in the dining room...I can't easily move the White. (It's HEAVY.) :shrug: It is supposed to warm up today, so.....I'll start cutting fabric soon.

Guess I really should get back to the knitting. My adventurer needs a proper head covering! :snicker:

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