January 5th, 2015

me: portrait


Slightly better, but still full of ick. Still, we sen to be getting better, so that's good.

Found a new site for geeky t-shirts. They custom print them, so it takes a bit before shipping, but...they seem to be really, really nice. It's TeePublic, and from what I can tell, ANYONE can upload designs for anyone to order. They're not cheap - $14 or $20 - but the quality seems nice, and the printing is lovely. Won't know for a bit how they hold up - we just received ours today - but I have high hopes. They have a huge selection of all sorts of geeky things - Dr. Who, Despicable Me, Star Wars; you name it, someone's probably made a design. (My next shirt is a Minion Beethoven; the caption is "BA-NA-NA-NA!" :lol:)

Herself's hat is SO. CLOSE to being done. I HATE it - it was a paid pattern, and....it's not that good. My stitch counts never have matched up to hers, even though I count and place markers, and it's very confusing in parts, but it's almost done. Finally. I had to start a sock last night in desperation - I needed COLOR. (Hieroglyphic socks, in scarab blue and brown.)

Still cold. We have a lovely fire going - and we need it. :shiver: Time to snuggle down and knit.....I want that stupid hat DONE.

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