January 11th, 2015

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Baby, it's Cold (and Wet!) Outside!

33* and pouring rain for morning stables. :brrrrrrrr: Still, the fire is nice and toasty, so....:lol:

Almost done with the toe of sock #1. Will start sock #2 after, because I want to push and get these DONE so I can whip out a pair for SG. Then it's kilt hose month!

I also started a geek project. A while back, I had the idea of weaving a pair of Dr. Who shoelaces for Comic Con. Found a 4th Doctor Scarf pattern, matched the colors with embroidery floss, and started figuring out how to best warp my inkle loom so I could get them done.

Weaving...didn't work. I tried 4 times - with 3 types of warp (the last being sewing thread). Inkle looms are made to weave warp-faced fabric (this means that the face of the cloth is the long threads that run length-wise.); for these I need WEFT-faced fabric (the weft is the thread that runs width-wise in the fabric; usually carried by a shuttle. Most clothing fabric is balanced - you see both warp and weft. Navajo rugs/tapestries are weft-faced. ) I tinkered with my loom, using fine-toothed combs to separate the warp, and started weaving....but my bands looked BAD. :sigh: Either balanced (which means I had white "dots" in the colored areas) or weft-faced but with horrible selvedges.

So, I started thinking. I have a French Knitter/Spool knitter/Knitting Nancy (basically a tube with prongs on top)...but the spacing was for large yarn - it was too loose with the embroidery floss. We were out running errands (I got a pair of antique sock blockers for photos - SG is planning to refinish them hopefully today!), so I picked up a new one with smaller spacing...but it was still to loose. :sigh:

After rummaging around in the Studio, I found a hollow wooden tube (NO IDEA what it belongs to/where it came from!), so grabbed some finishing nails and made my own.

It works Perfectly! I have about 1 foot of shoelace done......I'll work on it again after getting sock #2 started. :bounce: Dr. Who Scarf shoelaces - too fun! :lol: Judging from what I've got done, I think the scarf pattern will need to be split in half (the scarf is over 10 feet long IRL), with half on one shoe and half on the other. We'll see.

My shoes were shipped out on Thursday, so this'll be fun. Comic Con is the first weekend in February - the reason I'm so geeked? Guests include: Billie Piper (Rose), John Barrowman (Capt. Jack Harkness!), and - EEEEK!!! - Tom Baker (the 4th Doctor, of the SCARF.) :bounce: (Also scheduled are Jadzeea Dax (DS9), the Holographic Doctor (Voyager) and Ti'ilk (Stargate). Among others). I don't know that we're going to try for autographs - but we'll be able to see them. And I'll have a nod to the 4th Doctor with my shoelaces, and Rose and Ten with my shoes. :rofl: Should be fun!

Guess I should get back to knitting. Football today...fun, fun. :sigh:

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