January 16th, 2015

me: portrait


I, um...finished a pair of color-worked socks in..um....8 days. That's a personal record for me - and when you realize that I kept up with my walking/teaching/cooking/Mom-ing, that's pretty...pretty good.

2015 Hieroglyphic socks right

2015 hieroglyphic socks left

I don't like the way the heels look - there's a noticeable line of decreases on both, and they are a little square-looking. The toes...are squatty, because I had to compress the decreases (the foot pattern came out longer than the pattern said.) - but you can't tell when the socks are on a foot.

Overall, I'm pleased with them. Next time I'd use a brighter contrast color - but this IS what I had in mind when I dyed the yarn. Sort of an old, dirty, dusty thing - and it works.

I've already CO the next pair - Tardis socks for SG. We'll see how long *they* take......

Shabbat Shalom! See ya on the flip side!!

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