January 20th, 2015

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1. We had to put Bailey down yesterday - it was past time. He had started refusing food, and was totally blind. Yesterday AM, he couldn't stand up on his own, so SG finally made the call. (I had reached that point a few months ago, but was told No, it wasn't time yet. :sigh:) He had a good, long life - he was 14. For a Pyr, that's incredible - the vet even said that!

2. Finished SG's first sock. I had forgotten why I don't like knitting socks for him - nothing's ever *right*. Normally, I knit his socks on 72 stitches; for this pair I bumped it up to 80 (because color work does draw in a little...not an inch!, but a little). He claims it's TOO TIGHT (no way. No freaking way it is too tight - it slips over his heel (with a little work - you don't want them floppy!) and I can stick 2 fingers in there with his heel - and the stitches STILL have more stretch!). Then, I asked him what color he wanted the heels and toes - blue (like the rest of the sock), white, or black. He hemmed, he hawed, then said "White." OK. I start the heel (while we are OUT running errands!) and he says....."Oh. I wanted Black." :bangs head: OK...I offer to stop and switch to black when we get home...."No. White's....OK, I guess." :big sigh:

He's now in the "solid color or self-striping yarns ONLY" category.

3. Finished all the work, and will deliver it tomorrow. Client has offered lunch.....I won't say no. :lol: Since I'm doing them a favor, client offered the kids lunch too - so, we're going out tomorrow. :shudder: and :lol:

4. Oh! Almost lost a horse yesterday (because SG is a doofus.) He has suddenly gotten WAY into RC toys (don't. Just...don't ask. Because we can't afford to replace my mixer (and I found a replacement IN STOCK locally for 1/4 the regular price!!!!!), but we certainly can afford a RC drone, a Universal controller (that cost $19 LESS than my mixer......:grrrrr:), parts for a "free" plane, more batteries, more parts...honestly? We could have bought my mixer AT FULL PRICE and still not spent what he's spent on toys......nevermind me. I'm a little over-wrought right now.) - anyway.

Yesterday he was off. He decides to go INTO the horse pasture (mistake #1), WITH the girls (mistake #2) and attempt to fly his plane (mistake #3). Which he crashes into the tree. Which freaked out the girls (of course)...and Denara freaked out and tried to jump the fence....only her back leg got tangled in the wire and down she went, all tangled. :freak out:

Himself and I ran down there, thinking she was gone, because she wasn't moving. I saw her head twitch, which was a relief, so I threw myself on her neck (if you immobilize a horse's neck, they won't panic as much when you try to help them) while Himself tried to free her. A few minutes and some bolt cutters later, she was free, I was covered in mud, and the fence had been taken down. Fun times! (No, SG hasn't learned - he's in the shop now trying to get the plane back working, so he can do it again. :bangs head:)

I think that's all......for the moment. I need to CO the 2nd sock...I want to get this pair done so I can start a hat for me for the barn. Then it's all kilt hose, all the time until that pair is done......:lol:

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