January 28th, 2015

me: portrait

Pics or it didn't happen....

So, this year I am trying to document all my projects - both on Ravelry and here (because Rav is more of a notebook-type thing than a blog.) I managed to finish 2 this week:

First up, SG's Tardis socks. These are for next weekend, when we go to ComicCon. (Why yes, we ARE geeks, thank you very much! And yes, we DO like wearing geeky things in public - even if socks aren't that noticeable, we still have and wear them.)

SG's Tardis Socks

I still need to work on my short rows - these are still icky looking on the inside. I found a YouTube, so I think I've figured out what I've been doing wrong.

I also need to RINSE any blue yarns I dye much better - there's some bleeding going on. :sigh: Oh, well - live and learn, right?

I finished his socks on Sunday, and Monday I CO a hat for me....which I cast OFF yesterday. Yes, 24 hours for a hat. It helped that it was worsted weight, and an easy geometric pattern.

Turkish hat

This particular pattern is an old Middle-Eastern weaving one - I think it's called Ram's Horn. I dunno; I saw the hat pattern on my "We think you'd like..." board on Rav, and it grabbed me. So much that I BOUGHT the yarn specifically for it last week. I'm pleased with it - the colors work, it was a fun knit, and it'll make a nice addition to my hat rotation.

We still have the beagle....SUPPOSEDLY, the rescue will pick her up today. :fingers crossed: Nights are hard, because she won't sleep anywhere but on the bed with us, and Loki is a whiney-butt that thinks he'll die if HE'S not on the bed...:sigh: I had a beagle-hat all night, and a Loki knee-warmer and a Tigger foot warmer. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep. :sigh:

Well, onward and upward! Current project is: Shoelace #2. Gotta get it done by next Friday. And today is shopping day, so I need to get ready for that. Laters!

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