February 4th, 2015

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Blah de blah de blah...

So. Today was Ortho day. Both kids are doing well - in fact, they are in line to have the braces removed within the next 6 or so months! But....Herself needs to have her wisdom teeth extracted. :sigh:

Made an appointment for the consultation.....and I've started preparing her. She does better if she KNOWS what's going to happen, when. Fun times!

Kilt hose: The heel is TURNED!!!! and I am cruising down the foot. I had to buy more yarn....I have 5 balls. 1 is still knit in the too-small hose, but can easily be frogged (I...just haven't wanted to. Yet.) The problem? I've already got 2 balls in this sock, and I still have a LOT of foot to go. :sigh: I am starting to panic a bit, because I hate the thought of running out of yarn mid-project. And then there's the dye lot problem.....

I found a lady on Ravelry who had 6 skeins for $20 (these normally run $6/skein!!)...I figure, I'll get them and knit the 2nd sock from them, because I'm pretty sure there's no way they'll match the dye lot I have. (Of course, there could be a miracle. I'm not sure I merit one, but - it IS possible.) I'm sure she bought matching dye lots, so there shouldn't be a problem within each sock, and you shouldn't notice the mis-match when it's on a different sock.

Tomorrow I get to go do some work. I don't mind - $$ for me! And since my friend didn't get into the Fiber Festival this year, that means I get to do a Yarn Store run in the next week or so - should be fun!

Laters! I have knitting to do!

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