February 5th, 2015

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God is GOOD!

Seriously - GOOD! Remember how we talked about "balloons" a while back? Well.....I got a whole bouquet last night!!!!!

Let me back up....SG has been a brat lately. I understand *why*, but...it's hard when he comes home, grabs dinner, and goes off into another room to play You Tubes and play with RC toys. :sigh: And then yells at *us* because he's "out of the loop". :bangs head: Anyway....

Last night after dinner, I decided to browse CraigsList (as one does). I skimmed the free/pets/arts and crafts, and then, on a *whim*, I searched for "kiln". See, we bought Herself a small "starter" kiln (Paragon Firefly) for her last birthday. She LOVES it, but...it's analog, you have to babysit it, and it's SMALL (which was the point. As kilns go, it's one of the less expensive - and it cost us (from a DISCOUNT dealer!) almost $400. FYI.) The firing space is 4"x4"x4" - small. I have looked at trying to upgrade it, but the cost was prohibitive, so - I've been watching CL to see a) what's out there and b) what they're going for.

The 2nd listing was "Electric Ceramic Kiln, $25 (Greenville)". WHAT???? I clicked it, thinking "Nah, it's a typo". Um...no. Lady had *2* kilns that worked when she stored them (about 10 years ago), and she was OVER it - wanted them GONE. I asked if she'd hold 1 until Friday - nope, GONE, remember? So, I got directions and planned on heading out.

SG decided that HE needed to go (which...is odd, because he doesn't like leaving home when he's home, y'know?) I grabbed Herself (because, if it worked out, this would be a very early Birthday present), and we all headed out. At 6:30 PM. To a place 1.5 hours away.

Yes, we brought home a kiln. Looks like a Stutt (good brand), looks to be in decent shape. I sent photos to my potter friend - she says that even if we need to replace all the elements and most of the firebricks we got a FANTASTIC deal.

Kiln sitter

Kiln side

Kiln inside

Kiln front

It's....big. Has a kiln sitter (which means no more babysitting!) It's modular, which means we can work on 1 section at a time, and use that while we work on the next one. And - it's BIG.

And it was $25!!!!!

I did a quick price check - from the dealer we got the Firefly from (and they are DISCOUNT, remember!), a similar Stutt is $2500. (But it's "missing" a layer or 2). I need to get a 220 plug put into the Studio, and I want someone to look at the kiln to tell me what I need to fix. On CL, smaller kilns go for $500+ - so even repairing it we'll come out ahead.

:happy dance: Now I need to find more ceramics books for Herself....she's got NO excuse (well, once we get it OK'd for use) to not play with clay!

Yes, God is GOOD. FANTASTIC, in fact! :lol:

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