February 9th, 2015

me: portrait

Wow! I am impressed....

with Skutt's Customer Service. Daniel *called* me (he had to look up my number, because I sure didn't send it to him!) to talk about the kiln. Unfortunately, it's going to take more $$$$ than it's worth to get it to a point of *test* firing it. :Sigh: Lesson learned.

He went out of his way to give me advice on what to look for. He also very carefully did NOT push for me to buy a Skutt kiln - which is IMPRESSIVE. I have found a few kilns on CraigsList that I am thinking about - I sent links to my potter friend to see what she says.

So, in a day or 2 I'll be listing the project kiln back on CL to try and get my $25 back. At least it wasn't an expensive lesson, y'know? (I wish I could just drop the funds to buy her a new kiln, but....it's just not possible. The kiln Daniel recommended has a retail price of $1700 - yes, it's all digital, and it's NEW, but....I just can't do that. Right now my budget is $300, *maybe* $350, so it's gonna have to be used. I am anticipating having to replace elements, even at that price - but if the kiln WORKS without a whole lot of other repairs, it'll be worth it.

Kilt hose: On the *TOE*. :happy dance: I'll be ready to start #2 this evening......finally!!!! :grin:

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