February 15th, 2015

me: portrait

I need a nap....

because we have been on the GO all weekend.

Got up early and left after morning stables. Had to go to Ft. Worth; SG had found 2 RC controllers (normally $65 each) on CraigsList for $60. I asked if we could go to a Ceramics store in FW while out; he said yes, IF we had time. (American Ceramics closes at 12 on Saturdays).

Well. Got to the CL listing at 10....American Ceramics is less than 10 miles from there. :whee!: Herself got 6 new glazes - these are a 1-step thing. Glaze and Overglaze in 1; you can paint the dry clay with it, then fire it 1x and you're done. The stuff she had is a 2 step process; paint the dry clay, fire, then paint with overglaze and re-fire. She's going to be playing with it sometime this week.

We then hit Harbor Freight to price air brushes. Then Hobby Lobby to compare...we'll be going back to Harbor Freight. THEN we hit Entertainmart for Himself; he was looking for a popular GameCube Game (Star Fox Assault). They had it - and it works! - so he's happy.

THEN, off to Half-Price Books for me. And lunch....at a Japanese Hibachi Restaurant. Good food, fun chef.

Then we headed home. Until this morning.....

Hit a Hobby shop for SG to get a plane to play with. And a couple of hobby stores to get stuff to *build* a plane....and another Half-Price to see what they had on RC stuff (scored 2 books - good stop!) We're finally home.....and I do need a nap.

Fun times - hope y'all's weekend was as fun!

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