February 25th, 2015

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Baby, it's COLD outside!

But not AS cold - 33* and sleet/rain. Supposed to turn to snow in a bit. It's all slushy outside....and we have to haul water from the house because the main pipe to the barn burst. Fun times!

Ali, first off {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}. I am horrid about commenting - I keep meaning to email, but life gets in the way. I will TRY to do better, OK? (And.....I'm back to not commenting anymore. I don't like the PA snark when I do. :sigh: So, it'll be here or private emails.) I also need to get off my duff and get some stuff done - I have some stuff I wanna do for you, but.....I suck.)

Money: IRS STILL can't tell me why the refund is MIA; the story now is "cracking down on some to prevent ID theft". Yeah, but...you said you sent the deposit, then 5 days later said "Problem!".....I'm thinking there's more to it than just cracking down. (Honestly? I think they have a security problem, but won't admit it....we might hear about it in a few months.)

Post Office: I am disappointed in our service. Up to now, I've had great luck with the PO; in the past 2 weeks they've:

1. Lost SG's package, claimed I picked it up on the day the package was mailed (ummm...what? That's...impossible!). They "found" it; when I went in to get it I was told "Oh! We've been holding a LOT of packages for you for DAYS and DAYS". Again - What????? The "lot of packages" was 6, and there was NO slip or key in my box. :bangs head:

2. And then - and THEN! - I get a book (OOP, of course!) that is TOTALLY MANGLED. SG was on the mail run; he took it to the desk and asked "Um.....what happened?" The clerk said "WE didn't do it!"..which pissed him off...he said "OH. So, you're saying *I* did this when I pulled it from the box???" Which pissed HER off....she took it from him and stamped "Damaged on Arrival" all over it (I think they were just going to ignore the black marks, ripped package, and book pages all over the place). We've filed a claim but....I don't have much hope.

3. Lost ANOTHER book - I ordered 6 books from Half Price Online. 4 have arrived "safely" (1 had the envelope torn, but the book was fine); 1 is mangled beyond use, and 1 is MIA. The seller put a trace on it...it's been sitting in the same spot for a week, which they say means it's "lost". :bangs head: Good news - the seller has another copy! Bad news - they sent it USPS again. (All but 1 of the books is technically OOP - you CAN find copies, but not easily, and most of them are full price or more. :sigh:)

And yet...the PO wants MORE money. Wonder why people are using other carriers????

:deep breath:

God is good - I was in a panic over funds last night. The electric bill is $250 MORE than usual; add to that I had 2 quarterly bills hit AND we have $175 due to the dentist Friday. So...I was in a panic until I sat down and ran the numbers. I have enough to buy groceries (my big concern) with a little bit left over. :whew: I know I shouldn't fret...but it's hard to remember that in the moment. I need to do better.....

And I need to shower, because today is a snowy grocery day. I can't wait...we are OUT of just about everything. :sigh: Stay warm!

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