April 20th, 2015

me: portrait


Let's see:

1. Memorial Service went well. SG's step-family is...well.....different. I was in a nice dress, and was over-dressed. :sigh: Ah, well - it went well.

2. Went on a road trip yesterday to Snow, OK. Blink and you'll miss it! 3 hours there, 3 back - but we had a good time. It's beautiful up there! And, we now have the computer board for Herself's kiln, and I am minus 2 sock machines. We also came home with a mug mold for slip-casting - should prove interesting!

3. Got *2* pairs of socks finished on the trip! My China socks are DONE!!! as are my travel socks. I currently have NO pairs of socks on the needles....but 2 projects are ready to cast on. My new travel socks will be out of the Van Gogh yarn I dyed (need to rustle up a pattern for those); the "home" socks will be a striped pair for SG. I'll CO later today - need to run to Paragon to get a cable so we can install the new board.

Pictures will be taken - the socks are currently drying.

Gotta skitter - critters need feeding!

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