May 6th, 2015

me: portrait


We lost Risky Monday afternoon. Vet is confused, but thinks it was too much stress. I even took li'l girl out to her, to see if that would help, but.....:sigh: Animal care sucks sometimes.

In GOOD news, li'l girl actually STOOD UP on her own this AM!!!!! This is HUGE for her! I feel a little more secure now - although I'm still paranoid.

In other good news, my hand is "better". Still very little sensation, but it doesn't look nasty any more. I'm sure I'll scar, but hey - I got a cute baby goat out of it, so that's worth it. :nods:

Herself fired her large kiln Monday. Neither of us have a clue, so we went with the recommendations in the manual - slow heating, small hold, powered cool-down. The heating took *14 hours*, and it took another 16 to cool down to "off" (still at 250*!). It wasn't room temp until this morning......I told her she'll need to make sure the kiln is FULL any time she fires it, to make it worth the wait. (She had about 25 buttons in it this time; not full, not by a long shot, but enough to test it, and yet not enough to break her heart if it didn't work properly.) She's had an offer from my potter friend - friend will take a basket full of buttons to sell at her July event if Herself will get them made. :fingers crossed: This could be good for Herself!

Gotta run - got 4 hungry kids to feed!

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