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June 15th, 2015


Sorry for the silence... 08:06 am
we actually didn't lose 'net connection, but I tried to stay off anyway. (We won't discuss the roof..it's done, but I don't think they did the dish correctly. I mean, except for the 1.5 hours we had no power (and the crew did NOTHING), we had no blips with our connection...which means the dish was NOT moved. :sigh:) I did not get much knitting done, though......Tuesday was the Endo (Herself seems fine, according to the doc....:sigh:), Wednesday was spent with my Mom (we also got Herself an ID card - she does Not want to drive. At ALL.), Thursday we had friends over, and Friday....Friday we were HOME, but trying to get ready for Shabbat AND Herself's 18th birthday and party on Saturday. (Yes, she's 18 now....but maturity-wise, she's...maybe 8. :big sigh:)

And then there was Saturday evening. After the party, SG, Herself and I went to look at a hay field 2 towns over. Himself wanted to stay home...good thing, too. He called as we had just turned around to come home - Chloe and Tigger had gotten into a disagreement, and both were bleeding. I got him calmed down, and SG sped up. Himself called back....Tigger was "bleeding all over the bed, Mom. Looks bad. What do I do?????" :bangs head: I told him to dump a handful of flour on her (flour will stop bleeding - good to know, right?), and to check out Chloe - who seemed fine.

Got home......yes, Tigger was bleeding, but NOT all over the bed. Just 2 smallish spots. BUT - it was bad. She had a deep puncture wound on her back leg, with 2 smaller ones near it, one on her forehead, and one on her neck. Chloe had a couple of small spots on her front leg and some scratches on her belly. :sigh: We flushed Tigger's deep wound with peroxide, squirted some on Chloe, then packed Tigger up and took her to the doggie ER (SG was resistant...after Risky? Not me - I'l figure out some way to help pay off the Care Credit card.)

LONG story short - Tigger had surgery Sat. evening/Sunday morning. Vet called at 1 AM to tell us she made it thru the surgery OK, had a drain tube and about 14 stitches. We picked her up at 8, and have been trying to keep her quiet (HA!) and isolated (HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Anyway. I am TIRED - no sleep last night, because SG thought Tigger was depressed (probably right - she HATES the cone of shame, but keeps shimmying out of the soft one I made for her (needs work. :sigh:)) so he plopped her in bed. Then fell asleep himself and kept kicking her in his sleep. :huge sigh: Now, of course, she thinks she's allowed in the bed (which...normally she is, but we have orders to NOT let her jump. Riiiiiight. Her name is Tigger for a REASON.)...and she can jump up there faster than I can realize she WANTS up. :big sigh:

Our vet called yesterday to check on her - which I thought was nice. I have to bring her in tomorrow to get the drain checked and possibly removed; she'll have stitches for 2 weeks. I am going to be a zombie for those 2 weeks, methinks........

So. Very little knitting has been done. I have turned the heel and finished the gussets on sock #2, but that's about as far as I've gotten. I want to get it DONE, because I want to knit something else.

But right now, all I want is a few solid hours of SLEEP. It looks like rain - again - so maybe I'll get that. :fingers crossed:

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