June 30th, 2015

me: portrait


So....here's the fabric haul from last week:

Spandex for swimsuit(s) - hope I can get 2 out of it!

fabric - spandex

Pre-quilted for insulated bags:

fabric - blue quilted

Cotton for reusable grocery bags, and the Star of David for table settings:

fabric - bags

And, here's the bags!

The Large (penguin/insulated) with the Medium on top, to show difference in size:


The insulated ones:

Bag - quilted

The regular grocery ones:

Bag - medium

Ended up with 3 large and 5 medium bags. We'll see if I need to make any more...we only shop 1x/month, so I need a LOT of bags.

Oh, I don't think I showed you my knitting bags:

bag - large

It holds 5 balls of yarn, a sock-in-progress, and my charts. :lol:

Been thinking a LOT about my wardrobe. Right now, I live in shorts and oversized t-shirts....and I want to dress more feminine. Not dresses-only - I've never been big on dresses, to be honest - but more...well, shapely. I think that's why I'm drawn to the 40's and 50's - women dressed like Women and weren't ashamed of their size/curves/bodies like we are today. I am especially drawn towards the English fashions of that time.....I keep going back to the Haslam's system (basically a draft-your-own system.....yes, I'm going from basic sewing to drafting my own patterns. :eek!: I never said I was smart, y'all!) because I LOVE the look of the styles. And because I can get a whole whack of scaled patterns for under $20 (but I have to buy the foundation book ($20) and the ruler thingy ($17, I think)....we'll see. I'm not diving right in - I'm trying to be smart about this. (It helps? I think? that I found a BUNCH of 1950's Lutterloh patterns online for download....yes, I am in trouble. :shrug: I like challenges, and I like stretching my brain and my skills. I have to admit that I can do basic sewing....I just need to take baby-steps and get my confidence up and see where it takes me.) I'm going to start with Mrs. Depew's 1950's top and capri pattern, then go from there. H sent me a lovely 1950's wrap dress pattern that I WILL sew - it looks easy! - once I get some proper fabric. I'm thinking lightweight linen......

It's hot, and the pool is calling. More later!

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