July 3rd, 2015

me: portrait

A look at my sewing "area"

in quotes because it's not a very large space - in fact, it's really just a cabinet. :lol: Shoved into the space between the family room and breakfast nook. Please excuse the dirty door and messed up floor - I need to paint the first and replace the 2nd, but it'll be a while before I get around to either one. :sigh:

I picked up this cabinet on CL for $35. It's complete, and my machine *does* fit in the hole, but the metal bits that are supposed to hold the machine....don't. They fit, but the set screws on my White won't crank down tight enough for them to hold the machine when it's folded down.

sewing - area

A very blurry shot of the inside. It has 3 enclosed places on the bottom - the 2 side ones have swing doors, while the middle one swings out. Not very useful....

sewing - inside cabinet

Here's a shot of the organizer I made Wednesday. The idea came from a book - "Sew Retro" - but I had to modify it. ALL the fabrics were from the scrap bin, and I didn't have enough of any of them to make the organizer to the dimensions in the book. :shrug: Works, and looks nice - and that's what I wanted. (Please note - I HATE the pink. HATE it - but it was the ONLY fabric that I had enough of that looked OK with the sewing print.)

Oh - the bottom has a cork board inside it. Very useful!

sewing  - organizer

And - my Thursday sewing projects! I give you a Tailor's ham and sleeve roll:

sewing - tailor's ham

Again, scrap fabrics. They are stuffed with shavings for the barn, so the entire project? Basically free. The patterns are from the University of Kentucky (from the Ag department.....I'm not sure WHY Home Ec is part of the AG department, but hey - free patterns!)

The tailor's ham is the large, fat thing - you use it to press curved seams/areas (like bust darts). The long, skinny thing is the sleeve roll - you use it to press tubes, so that you don't end up with a crease on them. It's thinner than I expected - but I made it to the dimensions on the pattern, so...I guess it's OK. It'll work - and the pine shavings smell nice! :lol: (Yes, I could have bought the ham, at least - I found it on eBay for $7.99 including shipping. But....I'm trying to save $$ here, and I need to practice sewing. So - win/win. Now I need to sew something that needs them....:lol:

OH! Yesterday I sat down and played with some of the attachments I inherited from DH #1 (a semi-professional costumer). I figured out how to install the Singer buttonholer - and I made 3 perfect buttonholes!!!!!! Feeling smart, I futzed around with the ruffler foot.....it took a bit, but I made a perfect ruffle, too!! I feel very, very smart right now.....:lol:

Hope y'all have a good weekend! I am going to try to get measured so I can start on a sloper....Lord help, I really DON'T want to see my measurements, but....I need to buck up and face the music so I can finally make clothes that *fit* me. Laters!

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