July 6th, 2015

me: portrait

It's Hot, Hot, HOT!

but they are almost done with the Heat Pump install. It's only 89* outside; inside it's a balmy 84*. Not TOO bad - if this was August, it'd be unbearable.

This weekend was good - I made a cushion for my rocker (that I'm sure Chloe will eat soon. :sigh:); it actually turned out Really well! We hit 1 yard sale......I spent $5. Walked away with 10 gardening books and an enamelware canner - WITH the basket and jar lifter! SO happy with that - it'll make a nice large dyepot, or I can use it as intended, OR I can use it as the water bath for cheese making. For $5!!!

I spent some time reading, too - I have a LOT of sewing books. A LOT...and I went thru about 15 of them. I have to say, the newer, modern ones SUCK compared to the vintage (1949, baby!) one I have. It assumed you were serious about learning, and weren't stupid. The modern ones either dumb it down so much I can't make heads-or-tails of it, or they go so concise that I have no clue what they are trying to tell me. :sigh: I have a few more vintage ones on the way to me (gotta love halfpricebooks.com! I scored a couple for $0.99! Shipping is a bit much...but 4 books for $25 isn't too bad, right? The books only cost $9.15...the other $15 was shipping. :ugh: Still - vintage dressmaking! Pattern drafting! Basic sewing!!

I'm itching to sew, but need to get fabric. :sigh: 's OK - I'll spend my time reading. It's too hot to knit......

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