July 17th, 2015

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One last post about the Rocketeer....

because I don't want to bore y'all with my gushing. :lol: I was surfing last night, just trying to see what all was out there about the Singer Slant-O-Matics - there are a TON of attachments you can get for these lovely machines, some of which make them rival modern machines!

I have picked up a Professional Buttonholer - it makes every type of button hole you can imagine, perfectly, every time. Yes, the Rocketeer will do a 5-step buttonhole, but I know *me* - they'll end up wonky. The buttonholer? Gets rid of the human error factor. I *highly* recommend searching out one for *your* machine - they have them for short-shank, long-shank, slant - I'm sure there's one that'll fit on every machine made. They're pretty cheap, too.

Singer made a Monogram attachment for their machines - so far I've only seen them for the slant series, though. I have a few on my eBay watch list - I don't *need* one, but I *want* one. :lol: There's 2 models - 1 does 3/8" letters only, the other does 1/4" (or 3/4", don't remember) letters, and has a flower and a clover cam. Problem - the larger one only came with 3 cams (plus the flower and clover), and the other letters are EXPENSIVE. I think the smaller one (which comes with all 26 letters) will do just fine. :lol:

Feet - oh my gosh, the FEET Singer made for these machines! I have a ruffler and a self-binder, but there are SO many more out there - and most of them are cheap. I am planning on tricking this Rocketeer out with all the feet I can find, just because......and because I currently have every type of foot (just about) that's out there for regular, short-shank machines. (They will be rehomed with the White, once we get the motor replaced. They won't work on the Singer, and they won't work on the Bernina. :sigh: No need to keep 'em, right?)

Cams - the 500 came with something like 24 or 30 built-in stitches and 5 pattern cams. There are - I think - 24 pattern cams in total; some duplicate the built-in stitches (the 301/401/503 machines don't have built-in patterns, they need the cams to do more than zig-zag or straight stitch). I'm honestly not sure I'll be picking up more cams.....but I'm not ruling it out.

Thing is, ALL of these attachments will work with both my Rocketeer AND my mom's 401 (which she's said I will inherit some day.) I'm looking at this long-term; my Rocketeer should last another 50 years - at LEAST - and so should the 401 (or 400.....either way, it takes the same attachments the 500 series machines take. Most of the 600 series attachments will work as well.) Plus, since it's a Singer, parts are readily available - even motors. :rofl:

It was a *terrific* mail day! I got 9.5 rolls of medical exam table paper (for tracing patterns - each roll is 225 yards, 18" wide), a copy of Mary Brooks Picken's "Modern Dressmaking" (from the 1920's!!!), a replacement spool pin (the only thing my Rocketeer was missing), and the Professional Buttonholer. Sunday I'll clear off the dining room table (oh, my MIL told me she has a cutting table set aside for me - I have NO idea where I'll store it, but you can bet I'll grab it and run the next time we go over there! :rofl:) and trace off my Diamond Dress, then start working on making the pattern fit *me*. I have some old sheets ready to go for muslins....:fingers crossed: Then - finally! - I can attempt my Bombachas. (After YEARS of pining for a pair, I'm finally almost ready to tackle the fitting! :whee!:)

Shabbat Shalom, y'all!

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